Evaluation For Your Stakeholders


Are you a relevant Stakeholder?

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  • You are an NGO active in social or environmental aspects of forest management
  • You are in the neighborhood of forests to be evaluated
  • You have information that is relevant to the compliance of the applicant forest owner with the requirements of FSC
  • You are a labor organization or union of forestry sector workers
  • You are a contractor that provides services to the forest operation to be assessed
  • You are a National Initiative
  • You are a state forest service
  • You represent indigenous people or forest using communities in the environment of the forests to be evaluated
  • You are an international NGO that has requested to be contacted in respect of evaluations of particular regions

Do you fit into one of the points above and do you think your input is appropriate? for more information click here

Congratulations – it seems that you are a relevant stakeholder. Your input should be considered!

Either you are already on a list of relevant stakeholders for a region or a specific FMU or you ask the responsible CB to be added to its list. If you don’t know the responsible CB ask the FMU. With this step you are guaranteed to be.

Public Summary Reports of Certification

Every FSC-certification is reported.

For every forest management certification a summary of the results is publicly available in a public certification report.

The summary has to be published on the CB’s website.

The public certification report shall contain specified information, such as a general description of consulted stakeholders, but also a general presentation of the observations on which the certification decision is based including a list of main strengths and main weaknesses and clear information to enable the reader to make an easy correlation between the requirements of each of the FSC Principles.

In cases where stakeholders have alleged a non-compliance, but the auditors have concluded that a certificate should be issued, the public summary shall explain why the auditors concluded there was no non-compliance. An explanation is also required when the alleged non-compliance was considered minor, or if action was taken prior to the issue of a certificate. A description of any preconditions that had been issued and the actions taken by the certificate holder to close out those preconditions should be included.10

Every public summary report must contain a list of all non-compliances that the FMU is required to correct in order to maintain their certification, including the time course within which corrective actions shall be taken.11

Surveillance Audits and Updates
A description of the actions taken by the FMU to correct any non-compliance identified at the previous audit must be included. Also information about the CB’s conclusion as to whether the actions taken constitute full compliance with the requirements of the concerned applicable FSC-Standard and if not, whether the remaining non-compliance is considered minor or major non-compliance. Any further identified non-compliances should be described.12

In cases where one or more stakeholders have alleged a non-compliance but the auditors have concluded that the certificate should be maintained, the updated summary shall explain why the auditors concluded there was no non-compliance, or why the alleged non-compliance was considered minor, and/or show how the allegation is explicitly linked to a new corrective action requirement.13

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